The Bakery Bunch


Katy Nelson

Katy Nelson grew up in Ames, IA but always dreamed of a bigger city. Upon completion of the Iowa Culinary Institute, she moved to Chicago to further her dreams of pastry. She continued her education at the French Pastry School and worked in Chicago as a pastry chef until the coast came calling. After about 5 years in Chicago, it was finally time for Seattle. While Seattle was ideal city, the draw of family and Iowa was too strong. She always knew that her business would be in the Midwest, and thus Scenic Route Bakery was born in Des Moines, IA. Her passion may have once been focused on the plate alone, but her true calling was found in the challenge of managing people. SRB is her home and the SRB team is family

Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson grew up in the context of a very loving military family, so all the way up until high school “home” was his family, but not necessarily a specific place.  Mark was in the army himself for about five years and this is where his drive and passion for leadership was honed, but passion for good leadership and his entrepreneurial spirit had there from the beginning. It has always been Mark’s dream to have a business where he can truly honor people’s talents and skills and help grow them in their journey. Seeing that his daughter also had these passions and dreams, they set out on the road of small business hand-in-hand.


Josh Hanks • Bakery Manager

Summer Mills - Cafe Lead

Mer grew up in Des Moines and graduated from East High School. She started working at the bakery during her senior year in 2015, and has since been promoted in May 2018. She is involved in the art community in Des Moines. She loves working with ink and paper the most. Summer has one cat, named Kuro, and she is a sweet angel. 

Meet the Staff

Lauryn Pfiffner - FOH

Favorite color: Blue

Fun Fact: I eat strawberries with the tops on them.

Nick Powell - FOH

Favorite color: Black

Fun Fact: I really enjoy woodworking. I actually run a personal business, Central City Table Co. 

Doug Hutchinson - FOH

Favorite color: Lapis

Fun Fact:  I can lick my elbow.

Wendy Rivas - FOH

Favorite Color: Red

Fun Fact: I hate peanut butter.

Molly Frese - FOH

Favorite Color:  Red

Fun Fact: I'm a printmaker!

Jacqui Kalin - FOH

Favorite Color: Green (and Purple)

Fun Fact: I know 100 digits of Pi.

Zach Sommers - FOH

Favorite Color: Blue

Fun Fact: I've piloted a plane once. 

Grace Hart - Honorary Employee

Favorite color: Black

Fun Fact: I will always work at SRB, in my heart. Also, i'm a living rainbow.

Chris Coyner - BOH

Favorite color: 

Fun Fact:

Jena Nicholson - BOH

Favorite color: Lavendar

Fun Fact: I have 14 piercings.